Artwork: The Promise
Artwork: The Promise
Artwork: The Promise

Artwork: The Promise

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The Promise
From the series “Seeing Visions, Dreaming Dreams, Praying Prayers”
32.5 in (h) x 70 in (w)

7 panels, hung joined as one

Materials: Linen, synthetic textiles and materials, acrylic paint and ink, thread, aluminum, mica gel, glass beads, miscellaneous embellishments; mounted onto a fabric wrapped wooden frame

Techniques: Textile painting; Collage; Free motion stitching (Non-digitized machine embroidery) and quilting; Bobbin stitching; Metalwork; Thermo-fabrication (heat applied); Encasement

Artist Statement:
“Red and yellow and pink and green, purple and orange and blue… I can sing a rainbow!”
         Song by Delta Goodrem

It is a thing of beauty - every time I look into the sky and see a glorious rainbow, my heart lifts. It seems that we can return to our childhood memories – become child-like ever so briefly, and trust in God. The sparrows will be clothed, the sick will be healed, and as promised the flood will come no more.

Life is good!

Artwork: The Promise