Warping my big loom...the result!

So, you clever folks that guessed - I have been weaving rugs. 😁

I have cut them off the loom, but left enough warp in front of the reed so I can make another warp & tie onto the old one, saving much threading time! Because these were really fun to make & I have lots more wool selvedge strips!! 😍



I actually wove two different sized rugs... one is more like a runner at 45 inches in length. The second is 24 inches square.

Here's the roll straight off the loom...


I am quite intrigued by the way this pattern worked. It creates a double layer, but it's not doubleweave. It is a 4-shaft pattern. I used 2 shuttles the whole time: sometimes 2 with all black; sometimes one each of black and black/white.


Here it is... the completed runner - warp ends are knotted & trimmed, all ready to be washed...





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  • Beautiful Hilary!

    • Al Danford