These pieces are handmade of Stoneware or Porcelain, high fired and durable. Individually thrown on a potter's wheel, the form grows from a ball of clay that is opened up and given shape by hands applying pressure and direction with and against the centrifugal force of its spinning.

I have been thoroughly enjoying the exploration and discovery this medium offers!

These pots are fired in an electric kiln. I use underglazes, clear gloss overglazes, and matt overglazes. Sometimes I carve a design, apply underglaze, wiping away the excess to leave the colour highlights in the carved areas. Sometimes I apply underglaze and then carve away the colour, revealing the clay underneath in the carved areas. And sometimes I carve the clay, or draw/paint on underglaze, or cut holes! There are so many wonderful creative possibilities!

These pots can be used in an oven, microwave and dishwasher. However, as with all pottery, care must be taken not to shock the clay. With minimal care, you will have years of easy use and enjoyment.




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