Both a talented Textile Artist and professional teacher, Hilary can be engaged to teach any of the many techniques used in her textile art and art quilt patterns. The following samples and descriptions provide an idea of what you might offer to your Quilt Festival, Shop Clientele or Guild.

Teaching Information:

  • Current Calendar

  • Review Workshop Set-up requirements

  • For more information or to receive a quote for workshop instruction contact Hilary

  • Participants learning the Top-stitch Curved Piecing technique will benefit from reviewing the Machine Settings chart

  • I can make available for sale, my “Mother Earth” line of art quilt designs – patterns and kits. If you are interested in this, product will be forwarded by mail.

General Costs:

  • Daily Instructor Fee – per 6 hour day

  • Accommodation, including meals and travel to venue

  • Travel


    "Along the Silk Road"

      Trunk Show with Power Point Presentation

      It is said that all things are connected. Each of us moves through our lives, one thing leading to another, the way the silk journey of long ago was a continuous journey. While selling silk was part of it, it also acted as a conduit for thoughts and ideas. In her inspirational talk, textile and mixed media artist Hilary Rice will share her story a story full of chance meetings and doors opening, fun experiments and happy accidents. It is a journey that acts as a conduit for thoughts and ideas - a journey that winds through a progression of art quilts and into a new world of creativity.

Workshop Descriptions:
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