Self Portrait I

"Self Portrait I"

Some words about my development as an artist:

Working with textiles as an art medium, has flowed so easily from my life experience, it never occurred to me to use anything else. I love the feel of fibres, the shine of silks, and in my more recent work, the texture created from melting synthetic materials; my art, as my technique list grows, incorporates metal, paper, foils, texture mediums, leather… evolving into mixed media.

While my skills as a textile artist are self-taught, I have a university education. As people do, I accumulated skills along the way - art related skills.  I stitched my dolls clothes as a child, learned embroidery from my aunt, assisted in my father’s woodworking shop and made much of my wardrobe for years.  I taught myself to crochet, do macramé - my mother knit, and so did I.  My graduation gift from my parents was a sewing machine! Early in my married life, I learned to spin yarn from raw fleece, and taught myself to weave.  None of this seemed extraordinary to me.  It was just something I did in 'my spare time'. 

I now understand that all of my life experience up until this point has been preparing me for what I do now. Chance meetings, invitations to take part, innocent requests - through which I learned about fabric dyeing, printing, designing, free machine embroidery, metal work and the list continues.  I discovered that quilting could be an art form; that artists work with textiles as their medium.

My success has been based on years of developing my artistic eye, together with building a set of highly useful skills. Ideas seem to flow ceaselessly - I gather thoughts, ideas and images like daisies from a summer field! I believe I have been creating art in my mind for decades. It is fascinating how much of my inner being is reflected through my art. It has become a bearing of my soul. It is also interesting when many people view my work; they see influence from my music – saying it virtually sings! In a mysterious and profound way, my music and my art are deeply connected. A beautifully orchestrated melody makes my soul soar, equal to the sensation which overwhelms me as I seek to create its equivalent in fibre. I am able to bring to life something beyond my personal understanding.

I feel as though the flow of creativity is endless, and so the drive to continue is strong. Wherever life takes me, I am sure it will involve sharing from the well of creativity, which comes from the depth of my being.